Now living in Somerset, Paul Newman graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 1995 after A-Levels and Foundation in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset. As a graphic fine artist intrigued by nature, he works exclusively in graphite and is interested in detail, texture and tone inspired by elements of the ancient landscape and stories of Wessex.

His work is created by research into the nature and history of places that interest him; geology, ecology, historical remains or natural history. Walking is an important part of the working process, getting to know a particular area well, understanding how it was shaped. Much of his work comes from places that have an ingrained historical meaning or personal significance and the work is mostly a response to being affected by memories or experience over time in that place. He is keen to make links between the places that he finds and the stories that fashioned them. His influences are maps and writers, geologists and legends, songs and poems. Drawings and photographs taken in the field are then worked up into finished pieces in the studio.

Paul is also interested in how nature manifests itself on human objects, reclaiming and abstracting these forms, such as overgrown remains, weathering, seasonal change and decay. He looks for evidence of human activity changing landscapes into places, creating unique locations which can affect, uplift or threaten.

He has shown work at various galleries across the South West, including the Bath Society of Artists and the Royal West of England Academy as well as in London with the Society of Graphic Fine Art.

“All in all, it’s true to say that Newman is a collectible artist who produces graphite works of reflective beauty.  His research is profoundly felt through his pictures. And it is true to say that to experience his work is to respect the challenges of time, balance, conflict, detail, uniqueness and scale with which he so elegantly battles in the pursuit of what we so often simply refer to as ‘nature’.” J.A. Harris

Paul has worked as a trustee for Black Swan Arts in Frome, as the event co-ordinator for Somerset Art Weeks and curated the 2016 Quartz Arts Festival in Taunton. He is also the curator of a recent touring exhibition, ‘The Transformed Land’ and has curated many exhibitions for Back Swan Arts.



  • Oct- Cotley Tithe Barn, Group Show, part of Somerset Art Weeks Festival
  • June- ’50 Bees’, Group show, ACE Arts Somerton
  • May- ‘Alternative Realities’, Group Show, part of Fringe Arts Bath Festival
  • May- Bath Society of Artists Open, ‘In the Margins’ selected
  • May- ‘The Transformed Land’, Group show, The Circle, Bath
  • March- ‘The Transformed Land’, Group show curated by Paul Newman, Taunton Brewhouse


  • December- Quartz Festival, Queens College, Taunton
  • September- Somerset Open Studios, The Gallery, Castle Cary
  • March- ‘Sculpture and Drawing’, with Brendon Murless, Duke’s Fine Art Showroom, Dorchester
  • January- Group show, Meeting House, Ilminster


  • November- Black Swan Arts Open, ‘Nissen Hut Remains’ selected
  • October- Royal West of England Academy 163rd Annual Open, ‘Coastal Entrance’ selected
  • October- SGFA Annual Open Draw 15, ‘The Raven’s Turn’ and ‘Turning at Haytor’ selected
  • September- Plough Arts Centre, Drawing Open- ‘Boulders Break the Surface’ and ‘Haytor Gasping’


  • August- Ilminster Meeting House Open, joint 2nd prize for ‘Writhing Ash’; ‘Coastal Entrance’ also


  • July- Bruton Art Factory- ‘Nissen Huts Remains’ and ‘Boulders Break the Surface’ selected
  • July- Frome Open Studios
  • July- Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton- Evolver Arts Magazine Prize 2015- ‘In the Margins’ selected
  • May- Bath Society of Artists Open- ‘Writhing Ash’ and ‘Turning at Haytor’ selected
  • May- Dorchester Arts Open, ‘Ash Skywards’ and ‘Day’s End at Eggardon’ selected  
  • April- Royal West of England Academy, Bristol- ‘Drawn’- ‘Boulders Break the Surface’ selected
  • January- Black Swan Arts, Frome, Pop-up studio- ‘Netted in a Silver Mist’


  • October- The Old Print Room, Gillingham- ’Netted in a Silver Mist’- solo show, with writer Jill Harris
  • August- Cafe la Strada, Frome- ‘Wessex Stories’ Earlier work
  • July- Frome Open Studios
  • July- Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, Annual Open- ‘Imminent’ selected
  • April- Bath Society of Artists Open- ‘Langdon Hill’ and ‘Bellever Tor’ ‘Langdon Hill’ awarded the Diane Bourdon-Smith Drawing prize
  • March- The Meeting House, Ilminster, Annual Open- 2 ‘Haytor Gasping’ and ‘Reaching KesTor Well’ selected


  • December- Royal West of England Annual Open- ‘Imminent’ and ‘Retreat’ selected
  • November- The Old Print Room, Gillingham- Biophilia- ‘Ash Skywards’ selected
  • October- Society of Graphic Fine Art Annual Open- ‘Font’ and ‘Middlebere Heath’ selected
  • June- Bath Society of Artists Open- ‘Tyneham Rectory’ selected, awarded Diane Bourdon-Smith Drawing prize