Orlanda Broom’s main painting practice takes two distinct forms; lush, exotic landscapes and abstract pieces. These two bodies of work are connected by a strong sense of colour, references to organic forms as well as an exploration of the medium. The abstract paintings are created through a process that involves no intervention with tools or brushes, just the flow and manipulation of the paint on the canvas. There is an immediacy and freshness borne out of this way of working which is complementary to the layered aspect of her landscape paintings. Her landscapes represent fantastical, re-imagined places, which in some sense are a rose-tinted view of the natural world. The joyousness of the surface is tempered by an uneasy sense of abandonment, a place untouched and timelessness, but a paradise that would ultimately ensnare. Man’s encroachment of the wilderness and its fragility is a concurrent theme.

Orlanda has been working as an artist since graduating in 1997. After returning to UK from living aboard ten years ago, she started working full-time from her London studio. She has recently moved from London and is now based in Hampshire. Large-scale commissions have included the lobby piece for the recently opened Four Seasons in downtown New York, a 4 x 4m centrepiece as well as a large abstract for the Mandarin Oriental in London. Orlanda’s paintings have been highlighted in a Money Week article about highly investible art.


2017     RWA Open (open call), RWA, Bristol
2017     Solo Exhibition, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London Long & Ryle, London
2016     Beauty is the Garden, Mall Galleries London
2015     London Group Open, Cello Factory, London
2015     Finding Paradise (3 person show), Lacey Gallery, London
2015     Summer Salon, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London Griffin Gallery, London
2015     Exhibition of Paintings (solo, The Contemporary London
2015     Collection of Small Paintings, The Contemporary London
2014     Inaugural Exhibition, The Contemporary London
2014     The Lost Traces of Somewhere (solo), Jealous Gallery, London
2014     Obsession; Love, Ritual, Collection, Embassy Tea Gallery, London
2014     Diamond Bullet (3 person show, James Freeman Gallery, London
2013     Paintings from a Small Island (solo), Franschhoek, South Africa
2013     Traces and Trails, (solo), Stephanie Hoppen, London
2013     Debut Show (solo), Sibman Gallery, Paris
2012     Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London
2012     Inland Islands (solo), Stephanie Hoppen Gallery
2012     London Art Fair, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery
2011     New Paintings (solo), Stephanie Hoppen Gallery
2011     Spring Show, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery
2010     Chance to Shine (2 person show), Edgar Modern, Bath
2009     ArtWorks Open, Barbican Arts Group Trust, London