Nuria Torres (b. 1976) is a Spanish artist born in Barcelona. She uses marble and porcelain as her ‘language’ and finds marble solemn, but flexible, as it allows her to give a sort of ‘second skin’ to the matter. Porcelain, on the other hand, is versatile and fresh, enabling play with decorative elements. Torres attempts to reinterpret the classicism in her sculptures by adding little touches of reality, emphasising the style and traditional techniques that can be reviewed to capture contemporary aesthetics.

During 2012-14 Torres was a resident sculptor in the studio of Fabrizio Carrar Lorenzani in Italy. In 2014-16 she studied under sculptors Manuela Rivero and Mariano Andres Vilella in Barcelona.


2018      Collective Exhibition “De Femíneo a art sense límits” October Gallery University Jaume I Castellón.
2018      Collective Exhibition “Mujeres artistas Hoy” MEAM European Museum of Modern Art Barcelona.
2017      Collective Exhibition XXI Ceramic Competition “City of Valladolid” –VIII International Meeting. (First prize)
2017      Collective Exhibition “Ablaze” Cube Gallery London.
2017      Affordable Art Fair NYC (New York City) Cube Gallery
2017      Individual Exhibition Atelier Renée duc Switzerland
2017      Affordable Art Fair Battersea (London) Cube Gallery
2017      Collective Exhibition XIII International Biennial Artistic Ceramic Aveiro Portugal (finalist)
2017      Collective Exhibition XIII International Ceramic Biennial “Manises 2017” Valencia (finalist)
2017      Collective Exhibition “Something more than realism” Galeria Artelibre Zaragoza.
IV International Contemporary Art Fair Castellón. ONLY PROJECT N2Galeria Barcelona. “Marte Award”
2017      Collective Exhibition “DelicARTessen 16” Esther Monturiol Gallery Barcelona
2016      Collective Exhibition “51 Competition Painting and Sculpture Queen Awards
Sofia (finalist)
2016       N2 GALLERY Barcelona “Balloons, Children and Popcorn” Collective Exhibition “14th Sample of art Gas Natural Fenosa” Coruña Spain (finalist)
2016      Swab International Contemporary Art Fair Barcelona N2 GALLERY
2016       “Present i future of contemporary ceramics in Catalonia” Barcelona Llotja School
2015      Collective Exhibition “ Figurativas 2015 Contest 8th Edition European Museum of Modern Art” Meam (finalist)
2015      Collective Exhibition International Ceramics Biennial 2015 Valencia Manises (finalist)
2015      Individual Exhibition “GUARDIANS” Galeria Artevistas Barcelona
2015      Collective Exhibition “CAP” ACC Association of Potters Association of Catalonia
2015      Collective Exhibition “dynamite” Gallery art and feminism UntiledBC
2015      Collective Exhibition Prize Sant Jordi Fine Arts 2015 Catalan Countries Honorable Mention
2015      Collective Exhibition Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2015 South Korea. (work selected to be part of the exhibition, Honorable Mention)
2015      Marte International Contemporary Art Fair Castellon BIARRITKITZ
2014      Finalist “I NEW TALENT AWARD 2014” Galeria Artevistas bcn.
2014      Group Exhibition. “August figurative sculpture prize City Badajoz “Luis de Morales Badajoz Museum.
2014      Group Exhibition. “XXVII Biennale sculpture Jacinto Higueras.
2014      Group Exhibition Concurs d’sculpture “Pere Jou” Sitges.
2014      Group Exhibition XX Editing premis dels Arts Andorra
2013      Exhibition “De Corpore” Espai en Blanc Llotja Escola Superior de i disseny art.
2013      Group Exhibition. Sculpture contest “Pere Jou” Sitges
2013      Group Exhibition XIX Editing premis dels Arts Andorra
2013      Figurative Selection Contest 2013. 7th Edition Meam
2012      Group Exhibition. “6 figurative sculpture prize City Badajoz “Luis de Morales Badajoz Museum.
2012      Concurs d’sculpture “Pere Jou” Sitges.
2012      Individual Exhibition “Retrats i companyia” Civic Centre Guinardó Barcelona
2011      Group Exhibition Stripart XVI jove mostra. Civic Centre Gu nardó Barcelona.