Having studied design when still a teenager, Luke Hope took a 20 year design detour the route of sales & marketing and then as a business director within various fields, before returning to his creative path. ‘I was drawn in by the process, initially, the meditative nature of the making;  working quietly, slowly… just me and the material. But it’s become much more’ he says.
Through his company, Hope in the Woods, his studio now specialises in elegant wooden tableware, hand carving and shaping an array of wooden spoons, bowls and scoops. The charm of Luke’s work is in its lines and curves that turn the most rudimentary objects into mini sculptures. Using a range of woods, that typically favour subtle grain pattern and either light or dark colours, he often works in an improvisational manner, taking inspiration from the grain, textures and the way that the light plays with the forms during the making.
Although often too delicate to use, the design and creation of objects routed in function have been Luke’s foundation, his route in, and in some ways his “safety net”, he says. Luke is now exploring the relationship between art & craft in his work and creating larger and more sculptural pieces.
“Ultimately, it’s about humanity and relationships… my relationship with the materials, tools and resulting objects and how these then make people feel. Be it an object they use or simply look at, I want people to be drawn in to the forms. To stop and think, to feel a sense of wonder and connection”