5 – 28 June
PREVIEW: Friday 5 June
FESTIVAL: Wednesday 17 – Saturday 20 June


‘Living Within’  how do we want to live today, as individuals and as groups, the exhibition reflects our ongoing concern to tread lightly on the landscape and environment and live within our environmental means. It reflects the entrance of digital into our world and the enduring appeal of reimagining the historical.  

Set against the backdrop of the Elisabeth Frink studio that has been saved and revived within the barn, this years architectural exhibition and festival considers architecture from the inside out.  Frink said “I could not work without a place where I am able to shut myself off… This is the place where I work, I have to keep it apart from everything else.”  We consider what these spaces mean to us today and how some of the leading architects and designers have responded to challenges.

The event consists of a three week exhibition of some of the finest architectural scale models, plus a two-day symposium of talks focused on the process, design and restoration of buildings inside and out, historic and modern as well as some of the most pressing issues in architecture today, all in the largest surviving thatched building in the country. Architectural works, in the material form of buildings, are often perceived as cultural symbols and sculptural works of art. The role of architecture is also pivotal to our responsibility for the planet and how we are able to live together.