Born in the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, Jonty lives and works near Tisbury, processing & printing from a darkroom situated in the local brewery.  He studied ancient history, archaeology & biblical studies at Trinity College Dublin, then gained an MA in archaeology at Bristol.

Photographing in black & white with large format film cameras, Jonty’s method is slow and deliberate, exploring rhythm as an expression of time and space. In his still lives and studies, this rhythm is manifest in the balance of form and void, in their dance and dialogue. Landscape is treated as a departure point rather than the destination, reflecting the rhythm and randomness, the whim of time and place concurrent.


Peckham 24 @ Photo London, Peckham Rye, London – May 2017
Uncertain States, The Arts Pavilion, Mile End, London – November 2016
Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin – Summer 2016
Eleven Fine Art, Belgravia, London – December 2015
Homeworks at Pyt House, Wiltshire – November 2012
Woodworks at Pyt House, Wiltshire – July 2012