Born 1956, James Lynch grew up in Devizes, Wiltshire and now lives on the Somerset Levels.  He is largely self-taught.  James paints using the ancient medium of egg tempera which he has spent years mastering. Egg tempera is applied in thin layers and each painting is the result of scores of glazes, building up the brilliant richness of colour slowly. The paint glazes are translucent and allow light to bounce back from the underlying white gesso ground, giving egg tempera paintings a unique glow.

“I was brought up in Devizes and went to the local school. When I was a teenager there were late night parties under the stars on Roundway Down and in the hot summer of 1976 I had a holiday job roguing – we were taken up on Salisbury Plain and left there in the baking sun to hand-pick wild oats out of the wheat, with artillery shells whistling overhead. Flying was in the family – my parents were keen glider pilots – so I was always watching the sky. Now I paraglide, often taking off from Westbury and Mere, and flying over the land gives another perspective. We don’t have an engine, we just fly in thermals. I’ve had some wonderful long flights over the downs and, after landing, some very long walks along ancient chalk tracks back to a road and transport. The Wiltshire Downs are in my blood.”


2017                        ‘A Parallel Reality’, Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk, London
2014                        ‘There never was a finer day’, Jonathan Cooper, London
2011                        ‘The Inhabited Landscape’, Jonathan Cooper London
2006                        Maas Gallery, London
2004                        Black Swan, Frome, Somerset
2001,2003              Maas Gallery, London
2000                        Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne, Dorset
1999                        Maas Gallery, London
1998                        Retrospective, Mompesson House, Salisbury (National Trust Foundation for Art)
1991, 93, 95,97      Maas Gallery, London
1988                        Odette Gilbert, London
1984,85,86             Nevill Gallery, Bath

Also represented in the following groups shows: Christie’s and Agnews, London; Galerie Michael, Beverley Hill, USA; National Trust Foundation for Art Exhibition; Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, and others.


‘There Never Was a Finer Day’, pub. Furlong Fields Publishing in collaboration with Jonathan Coooper, 2014; ‘Skylines’, pub. Furlong Fields Publishing, 2006; Illustrations for ‘Wind in the Willows’, pub Folio Society, 1995.


Chatsworth House; C. Hoare & co.; National Trust (Chartwell, Kent; Kingston lacy, Dorset; Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire); South West Heritage Trust, Somerset Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury; Wessex Collection, Longleat House; and other private collections