Initially following a career choice in production ceramics and gaining an in depth knowledge of processes, it was in 2003 that Lethbridge was lured to study glass. This was to be a life changing moment as this new medium soon become his material of choice. Enthralled by the transparency and liquid nature of molten glass, repetitive throwing made way for a more experimental making process. In 2005, Lethbridge applied to the Royal College of Art where he then developed his range of glass skills as well as greatly increasing his body of work, both aiding his confidence and belief in his chosen practice. Since graduating, Lethbridge has developed a reputation for his unique artworks, creating one-off sculptural and lighting pieces. With an inventive approach to glass making, Lethbridgeǯs pieces are instantly recognizable and highly desired. His glass pieces often incorporate a multitude of glass thorns, shards and tendrils. The act of repetitious making has stayed a constant for Lethbridge but now with entirely different end results.

“Observing the natural world, I analyse and catalogue the various elements, which fascinate me. In doing this I create in my mind a library of visual information. Within the library I bring together different visual combinations and translate them into glass. Combined with a need for systematic, meditative, replication, I produce items of biomorphic, surrealist sculptural glass .With references such things as atomic structure, pollen, viruses and botanicals, I utilize hundreds, if not thousands of individually made components

My work to date has been described as contemporary baroque and at the same time, through the limited use of color, it is perfectly at home within the minimal Bauhausian architectural cityscape that we exist in. To date James Lethbridge Glass works primarily on site-specific commissions, with private clients, interior designers and architects developing bespoke chandeliers and lighting. James Lethbridge Glass has outlets in New York, Paris and London.”

Courtesy of Vessel Gallery, London


2005  New Designers at the Business Design Centre Islington, London.
2007  The Great Exhibition, RCA Summer Show 2007, Hyde Park, London.
2007  Side by Side, Devon Guild of Craftsmen at Bovey Tracey
2008  Art Forms from the Ocean. National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK
2008  Bombay Sapphire Glass Prize 2008. Milan.
2008  British Glass Biennale 2008. Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK.
2008  Same Difference. Gallery Museum. Eisch Atellier, Germany
2008  Design Basel. Basel, Switzerland.
2008  Perimeter Editions Ltd, Paris
2008  Design Art London, Berkeley Square represented by Perimeter Editions Ltd
2008  Design Miami. Florida, US
2009  Perimeter Editions Ltd, Paris, France.
2009  Same Difference, Corning Museum Of Glass, New York, US.
2009  Glasshaus IV. Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex
2010  British Glass Biennale 2010, Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK. August 2010.
2010  Origin. Spittlefields Market. London.
2010  Chase. Charity Exhibition @ Royal College of Art, London
2010  Effervescence 4. West Dean College, West Dean, West Sussex.
2011  Heavenly Sent. London Glass Works. Bermondsey, London.
2011  British Studio Glass. European Museum of Modern Glass. Coburg. Germany.
2011  Luxembourg Glass Biennale.
2011  Wills Lane Gallery. St Ives.
2012  Heavenly Sent. London Glass Works. Bermondsey, London.
2012  British Glass Biennale 2012, Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK
2013  Paris Art Fair, represented by Perimeter Edition Ltd
2013  International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). New York. US. Represented by Bespoke Global.
2013  Eunique, Germany. With the European Museum of Modern Glass, Coburg.
2014  Osterlens Glashytta, Elna Jolom, Sweden
2015  Glasshaus, Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex.
2015  Desiree Hope Glass Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall.
2015  Bruntnel & Astley Gallery exhibition ‘Gallery Refuse’. Satelite exhibtion of the British Glass Biennale.
2016  The Heat is On. White House Glass Cone. Bruntnell & Astley.
2016  Mästarna Bakom Glaset, Elna Jolom. Sweden
2016  Pyramid Gallery, Chester, UK
2017  Collect 2017
2017  Glasshaus IV. Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex
2017  Tresor. Basel, Switzerland. Represented by Vessel Gallery