26 October – 1 December

PREVIEW: Curator-led tour, Saturday 26 October, 10am  Bookings


Our second annual IMAGE exhibition focuses on process-orientated photography and looks at individuality and uniqueness in the photographic medium. As a reaction to what could be described as an over saturation of the digital in contemporary society, a move toward originality and authenticity being increasingly prized elements of the way we make and consume art is prevalent. And many young photographers are combining process and sculptural approaches with the photographic image to create one-off, singular works. Featuring a selection of such pieces curated in collaboration with The Photographer’s Gallery, London that includes artists Alma Haser, Liz Nielsen, Julie Cockburn and Tom Butler – who each make ‘photographic originals’ – these will be contrasted by the limitless editions of seminal Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti. Also on show will be a series of new and unique tintype photographs by Tif Hunter whilst Martina Amati’s immersive video installation piece ‘Under’ will be installed as a two-screen video installation in our barn. 

The Photographers’ Gallery was founded in London’s Covent Garden in 1971 as the first public gallery in the UK dedicated to the medium and remains a leader in the presentation and exploration of photography in all its forms.  It has been instrumental in promoting photography’s pivotal and influential role in culture and society and ensuring its position as a significant art form. Their mission is to champion photography for everyone; to stimulate public understanding and deeper engagement with photography and its value to society and to be the UK’s leading photographic gallery and a driving force for debate and new thinking about the role of the photographic image in society today.

Artworks displayed online from mid September.