27 – 28 January 2018

Sunday 28 January Day Ticket  Bookings

Talks & Demos £10 each, £5 for Children (Under 16’s)

Have you ever been interested in how wine-glasses, vases or sculpture is made using a hot kiln? Have you ever wanted to know the science, techniques and skills which lie behind hundreds of years of glass-making traditions? If you have ever asked what lamp-working, cane-glass or Venetian-glass is all about then our Glass Festival is for you.

On the last weekend of January we will be hosting our inaugural festival dedicated to all things glass. The weekend will be made up of a series of talks as well as a day of demonstration, Q&As and even a chance to have a go yourself. This festival has been devised to complement our exhibition, Material Light: Glass, running from Saturday 2 December — Sunday 4 February 2018 in the Long Gallery, our new exhibition space adjacent to the 13th century barn. Artists included in this show are Dante Marioni, Emma Woffendon, Angela Palmer, Scott Benefield and James Lethbridge.

Live demos by masters provide a unique context for understanding the processes involved creating everyday objects as well as the artworks on show in our Material Light: Glass exhibition.  Watch the alchemy first-hand as a master glassmaker takes a glowing orb of molten glass and skillfully transforms it into a vase, bowl, glass or sculpture.

Talks will be by the leading lights of the British glassblowing scene as well as established collectors and dealers of the medium.

Book a day ticket for Sunday 28 January at £50 which includes access to all the days demonstrations, artist’s talk and lunch.  Individual talks and demos are £10 each or £5 for children under 16 years old.