Freya Douglas-Morris lives and works in London, she completed her MA at the Royal College of Art in 2013. Recent exhibitions include ‘Where they hum’ Lychee One 2017; ‘What is this place’ Newlyn Art Gallery 2017; ‘Light for Company’ (solo) Lychee One 2016; ‘Artificial Arcadia’, Bosse & Baum 2016; ‘One place or another’ (solo) Studiolo Project, Milan 2014; ‘Paper’ Saatchi Gallery 2013. She has been included in The Bloomberg New Contemporaries ICA 2012, The New Sensations, Saatchi Gallery 2013, The Catlin Guide 2014, The East End Painting Prize 2014. Her work was included in the Thames & Hudson publication ‘100 Painters of Tomorrow’. Douglas-Morris has been on residencies in Germany, Spain, Kuwait and Italy. She has work held in the Saatchi Collection and many other private collections worldwide.

Her paintings have a feeling of intimacy, a sense that the viewer has encountered a scene in which the figure(s), either a group or one person standing alone, are entirely self-absorbed. The images feel both private and performative. The way her paintings are structured lends a stage-like feel, the outfits of the figures often feeling like costumes, either blank or monochrome, (almost like in a silent film), or else with a theatrical edge – patterned, colourful, harlequin-like. Either way, their dress prevents them from being attached too specifically to a time or location, adding an ambiguity and helping the gesture of the figure to hold the narrative.

‘The landscapes and spaces in which they inhabit need to feel both believable and dreamlike’, says Douglas-Morris, ‘I hope to get a balance between a scene in which the viewer may imagine they can step into, yet where the environment retains an atmosphere that it is fictitious, floating, hovering a little offside. Referencing photographs and personal experience from places I have visited, or books, films and textiles I have come across, I work in oil paint, aiming to keep the paintings light and loose’.