Fred Baier has been inventing furniture, celebrated for its innovation and workmanship, in a number of ways since he left art college in the mid seventies. Since then Baier has used computers, mathematics and theories of proportion in his furniture designs. Early work was influenced by industrial imagery such as hydraulic pistons and bridges, and used brightly coloured stained woods.

“I make pieces that are intended as pioneering furniture statements rather than products. They are observations and thoughts about my time and chosen field. I try to be an expert in all aspects of my creativity. My work is a way of life not just something I do for a living. I’m an explorer more than a designer. An adventurer in search of knowledge, understanding, ability and anything that might help to expand my envelope of possibility.”

Examples of his work have been purchased for various public collections here and in the US. Being one of the first to use the computer into his tool chest, he played an active part in our transition from the machine to the digital age whilst maintaining  hand skills.

He has been awarded fellowships by the RSA, RCA, HCA, and Northern Arts and was the first Artist in Residence at the House of Lords.