ONLINE TALK: Arcadia or Wilderness? with Kim Wilkie

recorded on Wednesday 28 April 2021

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Join the online conversation with landscape architect Kim Wilkie who has worked on the grounds of the Natural History Museum & the V&A.

Each place has its own special character and identity – a continuous conversation between the physical form and the lives lived and shaped within it. As a landscape architect Kim tries to understand the memories and associations embedded in a place and the natural flows of people, land, water and climate.

Kim collaborates with architects and landscape architects around the world and combines designing with the muddy practicalities of running a small farm in Hampshire, where he is now based.

Kim studied history at Oxford and landscape architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, before setting up his landscape studio in London in 1989. He continues to teach and lecture in America; writes optimistically about land and place from Hampshire; and meddles in various national committees on landscape and environmental policy in the UK.

Current projects are focused on regenerative farming combined with human settlement, both in England and North America.