Hannah Mooney

Recent Paintings


26 November – 8 January 2023


“The areas that I have painted are of particular importance perhaps because they have drawn me back to Ireland time and again. They encompass character, mood and mystery that I feel will always intrigue me. I feel as though I can learn from these places and revisit them like old friends, acquiring new knowledge and insight with every meeting. They give so much to me and never ask for anything in return.”  Hannah Mooney

Hannah Mooney (b.1995) is an Irish painter based in the west of Ireland. She currently works in two distinct subjects; still life and the landscape. In both she is an instinctive, natural painter concerned with the matière and traditional composition. She studied at University of Ulster and Glasgow School of Art. In 2014 she received the Deanes Award for High Achievement from University of Ulster. Since graduating in 2017 from Glasgow School of Art, she has received the Royal Scottish Academy Landscape Drawing Prize, John-Kinross scholarship, James Nicol McBroom Memorial Prize, Armour Prize, Glasgow Print Studio Publication Prize, Hottinger Award for Excellence and House for an Art Lover Award. In 2018 she won the Fleming-Wyfold Bursary at the New Contemporaries Exhibition in at the Royal Scottish Academy. Her work has been acquired for the following collections: Art in Healthcare UK, Hottinger Group, Fleming- Wyfold Collection, James Nicol McBroom Archive and the Royal Scottish Academy.

Since graduating Hannah has taken part in several group shows and had two successful solo shows in Edinburgh.