Peter Brown

Country and Countries


18 November – 11 December 2024

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In conjunction with his exhibition at Messums London showcasing recent paintings of the nation’s capital, this show at Messums West presents 50 new paintings by British Impressionist painter, Peter Brown, which have taken place at locations outside the metropolis. While the London paintings reflect life in the city, the paintings in this series are more autobiographical, depicting scenes around him on his more personal journey. There are paintings, for example, from a trip to Sidmouth for a talk, from Mothecombe beach on a summer half term break, Glastonbury festival and the Cotswolds in the snow. Other paintings reference trips abroad including to Rome, Montpellier and the ski resort of Aussois.

Known for working directly from his subject, Brown is affectionately known as ‘Pete the Street’ and takes pleasure in connecting with the serendipitous happenings of life unfolding around him – both through his paintings and his conversations. ‘Life’ and its reality provides the magnet for Brown’s painting. He describes: “I work entirely from life using the cities and the countryside as my subjects. I start with what tickles me, and this is likely to be a certain play of the light, weather, space and everyday life.” His paintings offer an honesty reflective of our time.