The Bridgepoint Ensemble

‘Out of the Woods’

Friday 17 September, 7pm

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The programme brings together some of the finest classical musicians in the country for a celebration of the return of the performing arts.

The title Out of the Woods refers to the return to the public sphere of music and musicians and to the instruments that are featured: the string instruments of the quartet and the deep resonance and mellifluous tones of the rosewood marimba.


Schubert Quartettsatz

Martland – Starry Night (marimba and string quartet)


Rolf Wallin- Realismos Magicos (solo marimba)

Debussy String Quartet

The evening starts with the only existing movement of an unfinished quartet, but one that is certainly worthy of being regarded as a great work in its own right. It stands at the threshold of Schubert’s transition from classical master to romantic pioneer and this short movement is full of drams and tension but also a sense of daring and freedom that is so abundant in Schubert’s later works.

The next piece, named after Van Gogh’s visionary painting, The Starry Night, brings us a little of what we have all been missing- the energy of the dance. Colin Currie was a great friend of the late Steve Martland, enfant terrible of the British music scene until his untimely death in 2013. His music is idiosyncratic and full of energy with elements of jazz, pop and rock, whist fitting overall into the general genre of minimalism.

The titles of Realismos Mágicos’ 11 movements are taken from short stories by Gabriel García Márquez. The group of pieces was premiered by Colin at the Wigmore Hall in 2014 and explores the rich sonoroties of the marimba an instrument, developed from the balaphones of West African slaves.

The concert ends with Debussy’s only string quartet, a work full of rhythmic drive but also an iridescence of harmony and expressionism that conjures images of Debussy’s favourite painter, Turner. The final chord brings together the whole piece into a moment of great joy and a fitting end for this celebration of music -making, of togetherness and of humanity.

Matthew Truscott (leader of OAE and Mahler Chamber Orchestra)- violin
Sarah Sexton, violin
Judith Busbridge, viola
Sarah McMahon, cello
Colin Currie, marimba