Active Environmentalism


Wednesday night talks


Active Environmentalism is a phrase that might be best described as emancipating our thinking through understanding to help with our own individual proactive decisions. We are delighted to include in our opening programming a series of consecutive Wednesday evening talks to follow one to the other.

Our own decisions and reasonings are personal but by being informed there is no doubt we are in a better position to make the right choices of our own accord. Active Environmentalism is about the private decision and not the placard debate.

From better understanding nature at the sea bed and upwards, to rationalising how a price can be put on the environment, to radical thinking at the intersection of science and necessity which may question our belief in anything that has gone before.

Underpinning this is an appreciation and respect for nature to which most artists will readily align and the prospect of innovation running like creativity itself at the vanguard of our thoughts.

Each talk is approximately 30-40 minutes long followed by discussions and we welcome your questions in advance to help build the conversation.

Join for one talk priced at £10 or take up Online Membership for the entire year and attend as many as you would like. Membership includes an archive of Digital content to catch up on these and other recorded talks as well as online video and research.

Individual Talks: £10

Online membership to include all online talks for the year: £30

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