ONLINE TALK: Soil with Dr David Montgomery and Annie Biklé

recorded on Wednesday 7 April 2021

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Husband and wife team David and Annie will join us to discuss the microbial roots of life and health.

Good health—for people and plants—depends on microbiomes, the communities of Earth’s smallest and least-loved creatures.

David and Annie are writers who live in Seattle. David is a geologist and Anne is a biologist who both speak widely on the complex world of soil, plants, and animals. When they fed their failing soil with organic matter, they were astonished by the results. Stimulating the microbes that live beneath the surface led the garden to flourish.

The couple have written several books, first there was Dirt—about the plight of soil and what we’ve done to it since the dawn of agriculture. Then came The Hidden Half of Nature, a revealing exploration of how microbial life underpins the health of soil and, even our own bodies. Now we have Growing a Revolution, a way to transform farming practices so that agriculture can help cure what ails the land.