Francesco Poiana

Lavori su carta


14 July – 31 August 2023


“These works on paper are fragments of landscapes made of light and coarse salt, a point of view on the landscape that evokes the gaze of an eighteenth-century traveller; to return to know how to look at that landscape enjoying its richness. 

During the last year I have deepened the research on the Mediterranean landscape, especially I stopped for a long time in the salt pans in western Sicily. The salt is extracted from the salt pans by evaporating the sea water and the salt by precipitation remains on the ground where it is then collected by machines or by hand by workers. 

The process of salt production is a metaphor for the artistic process of inner synthesis of shapes and colours. Like a hunter gatherer again here the painter is harvesting the fruits that the landscape can offer. 

These works of pure projection are transformed into an archetype of original landscape, individual that has as reference the outside world but that then in the mental space of the studio crystalizes and is then collected.” 


Francesco Poiana