Laurence Edwards

Tribe and Thresholds


6 August – 16 October

Exhibition goes live at 10am on 6 August
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Based in Suffolk, he trained at Canterbury College of Art and then at the Royal College of Art, where he studied bronze casting and sculpture with Sir Antony Caro. After winning a Henry Moore Bursary, the Angeloni Prize for Bronze Casting and an Intach Travelling Scholarship, he studied traditional casting techniques in India and Nepal, an experience that not only influenced his treatment of form and technique, but also gave him the necessary tools to establish his own atelier.

Laurence Edwards recently installed a 26 foot sculpture at the side of the A12, called Yoxman. As with many of his works.

“in some ways this figure deals with the crossover from a kind of male triumphalism to a more reticent, unsure confused state, battered and freighted by history, this evocation of maleness looks towards the ground, muffled, buckled and scarred, bearing witness to a complicated history evaluating what role is possible in the future”. Laurence Edwards

Edwards’ practice has long been preoccupied by the entwining of man, nature and time and Yoxman embodies that fascination; he is part tree, cove, cliff and figure.  Organic matter is built into the casting process; a detritus of leaves, branches, stone and rope. The patina and colouring of the sculpture will, in time, reflect the nearby cliffs. Drawing together the movement of time from the ancient past through the present and looking towards the future.


Photo: Bill Jackson