Last Bottle Club.


Friday 16 December



Many years ago when I was a lot wealthier than I am now, I used to buy the occasional case of wine.

Inevitably the first bottle was drunk too early, the next nine too quickly and there would be a difficult question of when to finish the last one or two. Friends or family?

My friend Charlie and I came up with a solution. We would both bring a last bottle to supper, talk about it and share it, and so the last bottle club was born.

We would love you to join us at our Last Bottle Club supper on Friday16th December. Bring whatever you would like (in terms of bottles). Share it or not, talk about it, of the memories that are attached and enjoy supper with us. We have a wonderful cellar too if you would like inspiration.

Corkage is only £15 and tables can be booked for two or more. Supper is £55.