PREVIEW & ARTISTS SUPPER: Film Première of Martina Amati’s ‘Under’


Friday 25 October, from 7pm  Bookings

Join us for the first screening of Martina Amati’s film installation Under followed by one of our regular artist’s supper with Martina in the Mess Restaurant.

The film is an eleven-minute installation comprised of two separate looped video projections, each film is named after two of the quantitate means of measuring free-diving ability: Distance and Depth. The two films will fill the barn with light and colour, with Depth projected onto a custom built ‘diving platform’ suspended from the roof for a fully immersive and unique dining experience.

With its vivid blue colouration and lens flares nostalgically evoking the primeval sun, Amati’s film tantalisingly visualises the human origin story—Charles Darwin’s initially outrageous idea that all life began in the sea. Amati produced a documentary of the same name, one which explores the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of this extreme sport. She worked with and interviewed masters of free-diving including Enzo Maiorca and Georgina Miller, as well as scientists who research the effects of free-diving on the apparatus of the human body, such as Professor Kevin Fong.

Amati’s practice spans a number of genres including narrative, documentary, experimental, animated and commercial. Her short film A’Mare (2008) won a UNICEF Award at the Zinebi Film Festival and Chalk (2010) was nominated for a BAFTA. Amati lives and works in the UK.
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