EVENT: Portrait Sittings with Tintype Photographer Tif Hunter

Sunday 7 October, from 10am  SOLD OUT

For the past seven years, photographer Tif Hunter has nursed an interest in ‘tintypes’. These are handmade, one-off images which use a nineteenth-century technique, developed in the early days of photography. First invented in the 1850s, tintypes were particularly popular during the Civil War in late nineteenth-century America.

Messums Wiltshire is delighted to welcome Hunter back and offer a second experience to sit for a tintype portrait taken in our thirteenth-century barn.

Tintypes are original in ways that photographs from the twentieth and twenty-first century simply are not. There are no negatives to print from and no other ways of creating identical multiple images.

A tintype is a photograph with warm monochromatic tones on a thin sheet of metal. Tintypes, (or wetplates as they are also known) involve a cocktail of chemicals and must be prepared moments before the image is taken and developed and fixed immediately after. Each one-off tintype has a beautiful surface of marks and smears resulting from the chemistry involved. The final image is grainless with exquisitely smooth tones.

Hunter’s pioneering work with tintype portraiture, combined with 21st century lighting techniques, has led to many commissions including those from The Jerwood Foundation and retailer Toast. His commercial work has been featured in Lurzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide. Hunter’s clients include British Airways, Sony and The Guardian.


‘Erik’ Photo by Tif Hunter

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