Born in Buckinghamshire in 1970, Dominic Welch later settled in Devon, after serving a formative apprenticeship with the sculptor Peter Randall-Page. Welch shared this sculptor’s admiration of the organic monumentality expressed in works by Constantin Bancusi and Isamu Noguchi, and for ten years, he honed his own technique and style by assisting Randall-Page in producing “vessels for life”.

The stillness and purity of Welch’s pieces belies the energy and physicality required in their making, but this is reflected in the contrast of strength and softness that the work conveys. Starting graphically directly onto the stone, the sculpture emerges from the rock as he embarks on a journey guided by the material and the grain. The materials are heavy, yet Welch imbues his work with impetus, uplift, and a sense of resurgence. Welch’s stone forms have been exhibited extensively throughout Britain and North America as well as Japan, Taiwan, Canada, America, and Australia.

Dominic Welch is represented by Messums and Messums Wiltshire


1994                First Prize, Millfield Open. Millfield School, Somerset.
1995                TAIWAN, International Sculpture Symposium.
1996                2nd RWA Sculpture Exhibition, Bristol. Open exhibition.
1997                Young Sculptor’s Award at Manchester City Art Galleries.
1999                Sculpture in the Garden (The Pleasure of Influence), Wimborne; In the Path of the  Shadow, Geevor, Pendeen, Cornwall.
2002                Phoenix Art Gallery, Exeter; On Form, Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire; Sculpture at Cotehele, Cotehele House, Saltash, Cornwall.
2004                On Form 04, Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire; World’s End Gallery, Langton Street, London; Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney Australia.
2005                Messum’s, Lordswood, Bucks.
2006                On Form 06, Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire; Messum’s, Lordswood, Bucks.
2007                New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury; Warren Grady Art, New Commissions, Florida, USA; Messum’s, Lordswood, Bucks.
2011                Sacred Spaces, Buckfast Abbey, Devon
2011                Sculpture in Paradise, Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex
2011                Sculpture at Messums, Lordswood, Bucks
2012                Forms of Contemplation, Solo Exhibition, Messums Fine Art, Cork Street, London
2012                ON Form 2012, Asthall Manor, Oxfordshire
2013                Stone and Bronze, Mossgreen Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2013                On Form London, Crypt Gallery, St.Pancreas, London.
2013                Garsington Opera, Sculpture at Wormsley, Wormsley, Buckinghamshire.
2016                Opening exhibition at Messums Wiltshire, “Bronze and Stone”