PERFORMANCE: The Devil, The Tsar & 3 Dry Biscuits

Sunday 15 July 2018, 2:30pm, £10

Take your seat in an ancient Greek inspired agora in our 13th century tithe barn and enjoy a magical storytelling performance for families. Fast paced, brimful of rich metaphorical imagery, sometimes dark and laced with humour, it’ll have children and adults alike practicing their Russian salutes, and some of them up on the stage to help with the proceedings!

The Tsar’s winter palace has a demon problem, and there’s only one man with the wit, the will, and the peculiar equipment needed to solve it. Having left the Imperial Russian army with nothing but a twist of tobacco, a pipe and three dry biscuits, our hero promptly improves his prospects by getting his hands on some rather more useful items – a magic sack and a pack of playing cards with which you can never lose. Adventures ensue as he sets out to rid the Tsar’s winter palace of its demon infestation; tries his hand at the medical profession, and then has the (not so) bright idea of trying to prevent death from getting on with her job…

Ben Haggarty tells this romper-stomper fairytale with infectious charm and deceptive ease. Renowned for his passionate physical performances, Ben is one of the world’s leading storytellers. He tours widely and has been a guest artist in over one hundred International Storytelling Festivals in 26 countries.

Part of our Festival of the Spoken Word.

Suitable for children ( age 8+)

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