DEMO: with James Devereux

Sunday 28 January, 11:30am  Bookings

James specialises in working with hot glass, adept at working with solid forms as well as blown pieces. James works with an extensive knowledge of glass techniques, making him happy to undertake new challenges. James will use the cane technique, picked up on a colour bubble and spun out into a work of art.

Starting in the industry at the age of 15, Devereux showed a natural talent for the craft and has been working as a glass artist ever since.

In September 2008 Devereux opened his first Studio set in the inspiring Wiltshire countryside. In 2009 Devereux started as the glass technician at the Royal College of Art in London, This roll opened up vast new contacts and opportunities that are still a core of his career to date.

After leaving in London in 2013 Devereux and Huskie set up a new studio together. To this day the studio has gone from strength to strength and attracts some of the finest glass artist in the country.

A high skill level, technique and a good eye help make Devereux one of the up and coming glass craftsmen in the glass world today.

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