DEMO: ‘China in Your Hands’ with Margaret O’Rorke

Saturday 31 March, 11:30am  Bookings

The translucency of fine high-fired porcelain has led Margaret O’Rorke to throw forms which give light. These ideas stem from the nature of the material, forms that can grow from the potter’s wheel, the process of firing and a sense of adventure with light and space. O’Rorke will be demonstrating one of the porcelain forms attached to her beautiful chandelier on display in our medieval barn, using a hand-thrown process on a potter’s wheel.

O’Rorke’s first training was as a painter at the Chelsea School of Art, before taking up pottery at Camberwell. Her fulltime career started later in life, working with translucent porcelain. O’Rorke researches and develops porcelain lights that can be industrially produced for domestic and large scale commercial interiors, whilst continuing to produce her individual studio works. O’Rorke lives and works in Oxford

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