Contemporary British Art: A Representation


May 5 – 10
PREVIEW: Thursday 7 May – 6.30 – 8.30pm
COLLECTORS TOURS: Thursday 7, Friday 8, Saturday 9 May, 11am

1016 Madison Avenue, New York


Set in the panelled rooms of a New York town house, we are delighted to present the work of five artists who define, through their techniques and styles, the very best of British observational art. Each artist is at a different period in their career, both Laurence and Antony are looking forward to museum shows for their work in the coming 24 months, Tuesday has just come out of her first exhibition at Messums London as part of our Emerging Talents programme. They work in entirely different materials, one in bronze, one in tempera and one in lacquer. There is no artistic dialogue between them other than an awareness of each other’s work. However, put together in this way they show how exceptional art can be when it is driven to pursue insight and psychological narrative through observational art.

Contemporary British Art – a Representation, is the first opportunity that many in New York will have to view and consider the dynamic revival that has been going on in representational art in the UK. Across painting, sculpture, ceramic and bronze, psychological narrative has re-allied with dexterous ability in the hands of leading contemporary artists to once more make art that is both engaging and relevant to current dialogues.

“Culture’s earliest artistic ambitions revolved around representation in an effort to understand our place and context in the make-up of the environment of which we are part. That has never been more relevant than today, and whether it is the use of our planet’s resources in the work of Tuesday Riddell or the questioning of  the male archetype in the work of Laurence Edwards, or the ever changing architecture that surrounds us in the observations of Peter Brown and Antony Williams, there is a consistent theme that brings them all together which is the brilliance of making that underpins their work.” Johnny Messum