Clive Davies has been working in ceramics for over forty years, exhibiting widely in the UK and abroad. Shortly after finishing his National Service in the 60s, a friend persuaded him to join a ceramics class, sparking a life-long fascination with the medium. He made utilitarian wares for fifteen years, and working in this tight parameter honed his skills, but later he wanted to explore and stretch his creativity. Currently he produces a much narrower range, preferring to work more with ‘one off’ pieces, experimenting with various oxides and clay bodies. After endless tests, Clive has managed to gain some control over the glazes, enjoying the ability to make them run and merge, creating a third tone, or making them stiff and static.

Clive’s work is hand made using porcelain or a fine stoneware body fired to 1300℃ in a gas fuelled kiln. The pots when fired to the maximum temperature become vitrified and leak proof. After the pots are made they are dried then placed in the kiln for bisque firing to a temperature of 900c; this leaves the clay porous but strong and enables the next process which is glazing and decorating. Clive’s technique is to dip the wares into a plain base glaze then decorate with coloured glazes over the surface using methods including: wax resist, tube lining, brushing and sgraffito. The colours are a form of glass, designed to fit snugly around the forms and coloured chemically with metal oxides. The minerals that go into making the glazes (glass) come in powder form are then weighed into recipes, and water is added.