WORKSHOPS: with Wiltshire Creative’s Mirka Golden-Hann

Saturday 31 March, from 10am  Bookings

With five wheels a turning, it is Pottery Boot Camp in the Long Gallery!

Sign up for one hour or two hour sessions, or longer by phone call. Learn the basics, refine your skills or learn new ones. Whatever your preference and ability, Mirka will brilliantly help you to get the most out of working in clay and the pleasures of the wheel.

Please note Children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. The potters wheel is a machine with moving parts involving the use of water and clay please dress appropriately, if you are unsure, please contact the gallery.

Mirka Golden-Hann was born in the former Czechoslovakia and came to live in England in Summer 1993.

In July 1999 she graduated from the University of Westminster’s renowned Harrow ceramics course with BA (Hons). In August 1999 she received the ‘Best Student’ Craftsman Magazine award at Hatfield House International Festival – Art in Clay. In summer 2000 she finished setting up her workshop and built her first outdoor salt-glaze kiln.

Since then Mirka has exhibited her work in various galleries in the UK and participated in prestigious ceramics fairs and shows across the UK and Europe.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, she completed with distinctions her MA Design Ceramics degree at the Bath Spa University in 2009. Mirka is a published maker and an experienced teacher. Currently she is the resident artist at Salisbury Arts Centre.

“My focus now is principally on colour. I hope to achieve a shift in the audience’s expectation of ceramics by contesting and challenging its traditional parameters of colour, surface, utility and aesthetics. In order to do this effectively I have reached out and away from ceramics and looked for inspiration in the study of colour theory. The new body of work is designed to communicate new potential for colour in ceramics; not just in the range of colours attainable but also in its ability to express a concept beyond that of common utility. Aspects of colour theory in action.”

CHILDREN’S WORKSHOPS: with Heidi Steller

Saturday 31 March,

Regular courses throughout the day from 10-4pm  Bookings

Print and clay class specialist Heidi Steller has created a magical one hour course for children that sees the inspiration of nature and the magic of clay combining to create detailed prints and pictures to take hope and keep.

The course is a response to how the Pre-Raphaelites and artists of the 19th Century studied and where inspired by nature and how they incorporated its natural patterns into their work.

Use clay to fashion textured printing plates, then imprint with found objects to create detailed prints and pictures to take home and keep. Clay offers a wonderful organic and gestural style to the creation of prints on paper or even fabric.

Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


Saturday 31 March

Regular courses throughout the day from 10-4pm  Bookings

From Minotaurs to Hippogriffs, Gargoyles to Green Men, fantastical creatures fire the imagination.

Conceived and run by the hugely popular Mel Coughlan. This one hour course is especially for children and families.

Using a slab of clay as a blank slate bring your magical beast to life with the tools and materials on hand before creating a clay shell and pouring in plaster. Quickly set and released from its clay, they can be taken home to terrify dads, brothers or sisters!

Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum age 3.