EXHIBITION: Bruce Munro ‘Time & Place’

7 December 2019 – 26 January 2020
PREVIEW: Friday 6 December, 6:30pm  RSVP


Continuing our exploration of light as art we are delighted to welcome a solo exhibition by pioneering British light artist Bruce Munro to illuminate our thirteenth century barn and surrounding landscape this winter. Come along to the preview for a guided tour of the works followed by the preview party and the Artist’s Supper (optional).

Bruce’s work takes ordinary and mundane materials such as hay bales, water bottles and CDs and invites people to look at them in a different way. Through repetition and ordering they become dramatic backdrops to mesmerising, mysterious and immersive displays that transcend time and space.

Bruce_Munro_Temperate Zone Precedent_Mark Pickthall_Image #3

Bruce Munro ‘Temperate Zone’

For his first exhibition with Messums Wiltshire Bruce will present a debut of C-Scales as a single response to the volume of the barn. C-Scales is an audio-visual installation comprising a dynamic three dimensional, immersive experience made from a shimmering sea of CDs and DVDs that is inspired by Sydney Harbour. Abstract visual sequences, projected on to their surfaces, create an animated and immersive rendition of a Monet or a Howard Hodgkin. The light is also reflected onto the interior façades and the architecture of the surrounding gallery. An enhanced audio track that includes sounds from the shoreline completes the piece.

Other works in the landscape will include Moon Harvest – an exterior site specific installation inspired by the myth and romance associated with the phrase Harvest Moon; Temperate Zone inspired by an ingenious air conditioning unit created by the indigenous Indians of the Sonoran Desert; Chindi – a light-catching prismatic form, its surface carved with grooves that increases its refractive qualities and his renowned Field of Light, the largest of which is currently on show in Uluru (formerly Ayres Rock) in Australia’s red desert and comprises illuminated stems that bloom as darkness falls to gentle rhythms of light.