Brilliant drawings at Messums Wiltshire “little creative festival”

IMG_0292 IMG_0256 IMG_0265Led by Catherine Messum, two sessions of drawing instruction introduced children from the ages of 9-16 to the techniques of shading and mark making.

As part of the wider “Little Creative Festival” in the area Messums Wiltshire introduced some of the techniques that can be used to create tone, shadow and volume in drawing. The results were a delight and surprise, with 30 minutes of instruction and work in grids on paper, the children set off into the exhibition to set and draw any of the sculptures that caught their eye.

With Education forming a part of the Messums Wiltshire weekly remit and an interest in seeing draughtsmanship at the start point of many peoples artistic adventures, the future looks exceptionally bright in the hands of these talented young artists.


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