Living in Somerset until he was twenty, the formative years of Brian’s career, strengthening both the conviction of his abstract work and his reputation, took place after moving to London. In 1978, Brian turned way from the art scene and abstract painting climate of London, deciding instead to buy a 50-acre farm in West Dorset. There he immersed himself in farming and his only contact with the art world was teaching at Brighton Polytechnic. Brian continued to work slowly, developing a visual language that was part of a dialogue with the past, inspired by marks made by prehistoric man and the archaeology of the Dorset landscape. In 1995 he had his first solo exhibition in 16 years, marking Brian’s renewed commitment to life as an artist,  The focus of his work remains fixed on colour, simplicity and form, with his instinct represented by each mark, line and hue, inviting the viewer to the work.