Bertozzi & Casoni was founded in 1980 in Imola by Giampaolo Bertozzi (1957) and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni (1961). From their studies at the Art Institute of Faenza they formed a dialogue with the great traditions in art and a vocation for experimenting with sculpture, seeing in ceramics the possibility of painted sculpture.

Bertozzi & Casoni participated in exhibitions that focused on a “new ceramics” aiming to bridge the gap in support of a medium viewed as a minor art with respect to other artistic forms.

During the 1990s their work took on a more conceptual form.  With this, Bertozzi & Casoni closed their former chapter and moved into a period of an almost exclusive use of materials and technologies derived from industry. The pictorial virtuosities were replaced by an objective rendering of selected subjects. 

This turning point, led to a new chapter of “contemplations of the present” where in a sort of “epic of trash”, the attraction for what is fleeting, transitory and perishable.

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