TALK: Sandy Brown discusses her installation ‘Temple’

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Saturday 2 September, 11:00am  Bookings

Join ceramic artist Sandy Brown discussing her unique installation ‘Temple’ here at the gallery.  The piece was commissioned by Sotheby’s to create an exciting large scale installation for their Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth House and is now here with us at the barn.

Sandy was inspired by her visits to Venice, the Taj Mahal, the Blue Mosque in Isfahan, also by Chagall and Matisse.

The Temple stands over 6 metres tall and includes over 5,200 handmade decorated ceramic tiles. It took 11 months to complete and is a major work, with an air of exuberance, colour and vitality. The inside is a riot of colour set off by eight bright fused glass windows by Simon Moore.

‘As its name suggests, Temple looks at first more like a building than a sculpture.

 But a closer look makes us realise just how much Temple challenges all our notions of a house of prayer.  It is perhaps more of a sacred space or sanctuary’

Brown’s range of reference is extraordinarily wide, and its richness matches the adventurous way in which she brings about an unorthodox marriage between architecture, sculpture, painting, tile decoration and much else besides.  The outcome is an exhuberant gesamtkunstwerk – a bringing together of different art forms in a new composite.  It flouts all of our expectations.

At once anarchic, unpredictable, playful, unruly, seductive and enlightening, Brown’s tour de force is inexhaustible.  As an artist she demonstrates her bold sense of adventure, embracing the world of line, form and colour to create a haven for visitors.’

Richard Cork

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