TALK: Lyme Regis Boat Building Academy

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Thursday 24 August, 6:30pm  Bookings

Boat Building Academy Instructor Matthew Law understands career changing – he ran large-scale humanitarian assistance programmes for NGO’s and the U.N. in East Africa (accompanying Audrey Hepburn on her last tour for Unicef) and lectured at Trinity College, Dublin before, 18 years ago, saying ‘Goodbye to All That’ and becoming a boat builder.  He is now an Instructor at the Boat Building Academy, a hothouse for aspiring boat builders in Lyme Regis.

Founded 20 years ago to provide intensive training for career changers, the Academy’s students now also include post ‘A’ Level students, retirees and everything in between.  Gap year, lifetime ambition, sabbatical or career, students age 18 to 82 (so far) live and work together building boats.  People looking for a career normally walk off the beach and straight into work at a boatyard, or cabinet maker, or classic car restorer, or museum or F1 car builder, to list a few.

In the inspirational setting of Messums Wiltshire on 24 August Matthew will talk about the creative and practical choices available to boat builders and the impact of technology on a traditional craft; the merit of epoxy v copper nails, lofting v CAD files, CNC v saw.  His talk is illustrated by boats that students have built as part of their training, some of which started from little more than a blurred, ancient photo posted on the internet.

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  • Eduard

    Hi there

    My name is Ed and I discovered your gallery on Instagram. That’s how I got here.

    I am particularly interested on the August 24th presentation and I was wondering if there is an option to listen it live- or online via YouTube or other app. If possible, I’d like to know what should I do in order to not miss this event.

    Thanks very much for your support.

    Kind regards,

    Eduard Toader

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