TALK: with Furniture Artist Fred Baier

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Saturday 26 August, 4:00pm  Bookings

Join us at the barn on Saturday 26 August for an informal and anecdotal talk with furniture artist Fred Baier, one of the great characters of twentieth century design.  Fred will discuss various projects including being artist in residence at the House of Lords. His work is contemporary, modern and innovative and in his quest to find new form it has spanned the analogue digital divide. “My work is a way of life not just something I do for a living. I’m an explorer more than a designer.”

Since attending the Royal College of Art, furniture artist Fred Baier has gained fellowships to the Royal Society of Arts, Royal College of Art and Northern Arts as well as being consultant to the Design Council, Crafts Council, Regional Arts Associations, Architects, Interior Designers, Manufacturers, Educational Institutions and Private Clients.

Photo © Mark Somerville




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