Messums to Represent Michael Hulls


Messums Wiltshire are proud to announce their sole representation of Michael Hulls, Olivier award winning artist and renowned “choreographer of light”.

Michael Hulls is one of only four non dance choreographers listed in the Oxford Dictionary of Dance. Messums Wiltshire are holding an introductory exhibition which places his work in the artistic environment for the first time and explores the emotive powers of tungsten lighting and a lifetime of using light as an artform in its own right. 
Saturday 11 Feb – 5th March
Saturday 25th Feb 11:00am – talk by Michael Hulls. RSVP
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CONSTELLATIONS – Talk by Artist Michael Hulls



Talk by Artist Michael Hulls RSVP 

Saturday 25 February 11am
Free to attend
Duration: approx 1hr.

An Introduction to the work of Olivier award winning artist Michael Hulls. Renowned as a “choreographer of light”, Michael Hulls is one of only four non dance choreographers listed in the Oxford Dictionary of Dance. His first solo exhibition was “No  Body” at Sadlers Wells Theatre Autumn 2016. This was followed by a collaboration with Russell Maliphant at Messums Wiltshire, and an independent mindset of working which resulted in the pieces on view today. 

Renowned as a provocative speaker and thinker, this is a rare opportunity to hear him talk firsthand about his work and its evolution, the history of Tungsten light and its antithesis “LED”








DRAWING – Materials and Techniques


A one-hour introduction to drawing techniques and materials class for 9 –  13 year olds. The class begins with a demonstration of a range of specialist drawing materials such graphite, carbon pencils, charcoal, ink, chalk and experimenting with different paper surfaces and blending tools. Next, the students will be taught some basic technical drawing skills such as line drawing, texture, shading, tonal grading, hatching, cross-hatching, stippling and more through a series of simple drawing exercises.
The drawing classes will take place at tables in the main gallery of Messums Wiltshire, Tisbury. Classes are limited to 20 students per class and advanced booking is essential. Tickets are £10 per student. To book, please call Melissa at Messums Wiltshire on 01747 445 042 or email
10.30 – 11.30 Tuesday 14 February (Ages 9 – 13)
2.00 – 3.00 Tuesday 14 February (Ages 9 – 13)





11 February – 5 March 2017
Saturday 25th Feb 11:00am – talk by Michael Hulls. RSVP
The emotive powers of light are explored in works by Olivier award-winning Michael Hulls on show at Messums Wiltshire from 10 February to 5 March. Internationally renowned as a ‘choreographer of light’ Hulls is one of only four lighting designers listed in the Oxford Dictionary of Dance; his lighting adding movement and a fluid sculpture to the stage.  Two light installations entitled Castor and Pollux are built from a mixture of five sizes of 500w, 300w, 200w and 60w tungsten lightbulbs – 48 in each – creating the effect of constellations of stars. The filaments in each bulb dim and flare according to instructions from a computerised lighting programme, while an accompanying sound score by composer Andy Cowton is simultaneously played through embedded speakers.

“My pieces are requiems for the tungsten bulbs that are fast disappearing from our world,” says Hulls. “It is a great pity as there is nothing as beautiful as a piece of tungsten wire glowing in a glass bulb.” These works which combine the magic of early electricity in the tungsten wires that fizzle and spit and the 21st century minimal industrial aesthetic are energy made visible. The light they emit is warm and inviting and has a colour rendition of 100 percent meaning that it does not flatten or distort the colours of objects around them as LED lights can do – producing instead the glow of firelight. 

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INWARD | OUTWARD – Song of the Human


11 Feb – 5 March – Performances at 11:00am & 3:00pm Wednesday – Sunday 
An immersive sound installation by renowned English composer and musician Pete M. Wyer that considers the sound of our voice as part of nature as well as exploring the nature of being human. Uniquely set for the building “Song of the Human” comprises a choral score by Philadelphia choir The Crossing and the dawn chorus recorded simultaneously at 18 locations. The musical layering of language allows the listener to recognise and consider the question of how and why we communicate through sound.

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DEFORMATION | TRANSFORMATION – Talk by Sculptor Sean Henry

Sculptor Sean Henry

Talk by Sculptor Sean Henry

11.00am 21 January 
We are delighted to welcome Sean Henry to Messums Wiltshire to talk about his work.
Sean has built a highly regarded reputation amongst collectors around the world. His work is immediate and compelling and his figures maintain a living presence that is hard to dispel. Yet there is more than visual representation at work in his art, and we invite you to join us for a walk around the gallery to hear Sean talk about his work. RSVP 

Exhibition continues until 5th February  


Linley Makers summer School opens today at messum’s wiltshire

To celebrate 30 years of British craftsmanship, LINLEY opened its first Summer School at a Messums Wiltshire today.


“I had the privilege of being taught by the famed John Makepeace at Parnham House School for Craftsmen in Wood, a course that like so many has now sadly closed. It is my passionate belief that we should utilise the imaginative and creative resources of this country to their maximum potential and with workshop spaces and hands-on making courses disappearing at an alarming rate, I hope the LINLEY Summer School will be the beginning of an arts and crafts movement in the 21st Century.”

David Linley, Founder and Chairman of LINLEY

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Sculpture installation by Dominic Welch


Dominic Welch oversees the installation of “Rising Form” a piece created specifically for Messums Wiltshire. This is the largest bronze cast to date by Dominic, and comes from his ongoing exploration of Paleolithic interests and timeless forms.

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Work begins at the barn.

Barn Wiltshire IMG_1336

MJ Abbott sculpt the amphitheatre and bank to east of the barn. 20 years ago this was a farm yard dumping ground!

Building work on the Stiff and Trevillian designed free standing Pod at that north of the barn. This will house office and cafe bar.

So with planning permission granted, the works begin in earnest at Place farm in advance of  24 September opening.



Work starts on installation in the Barn


We were joined today by Bridget McCrum, Dominic Welch and Steve Russell to install and shoot works at the barn.

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