ART IN MOTION:  Spirit of the Horse

10 June – 8 July 2017

OPENING NIGHT:  Friday 9 June, 6 – 8pm  Booking

Continuing the Art in Motion series, “The Spirit of the Horse” covers the artistic ground on four feet, bringing together some of the great names and artists working in Britain today and the last century.
We are delighted to be collaborating not just with these artists, but also with the two well known galleries, Sladmore and Jonathan Cooper whose own specialisations are well known in this field.

Like a plough team in harness, I hope that the show is a spectacular and powerful event. The programme includes a number of events and talks during the month, and we look forward to welcoming you these.

A Collection of exceptional sculptures paintings and installations celebrating the spirit of the Horse, supported by an educative and insightful series of events.


14 June  ‘Looking at Horses’ – An evening in conversation with a trainer, a painter and a sculptor

17 June  Mark Coreth sculpting class

Artists include:

Mike Austin, Antoine Barye, Nick Bibby, Charles Church, Mark Coreth, Sue Crawford, Edgar Degas, Sophie Dickens, Emma Sergeant, Elizabeth Frink, Frippy Jameson, Kesuke Fujiyoshi, JohnWillis Good, Hannah Fowler, Herbert Haseltine, Lucy Kemp Welch, Charlie Langtyon, Olivia Musgrave, Stevie Pettifer, Caroline Wallace