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Friday 19 May 2017

TALK:  Mark Roberts, Manager at McLaren Automotive, £10 in advance  Booking

McLaren Automotive is Britain’s most successful supercar manufacturer and Mark Roberts has seen their future evolve from the inside out. Mark is an integral part of the team that designed the critically-acclaimed McLaren P1  as well as the 570S and their latest masterpiece: the all-new 720S.

McLaren’s huge success in recent years (they produced their 10,000th car a McClaren 570S in 2016) is due in no small part to the melding of complex engineering and design processes with skills in manufacturing and production streets ahead of other makers. Mark has witnessed the evolution of McLaren from its relatively modest beginnings through every evolutionary era and tonight is your chance to find out how a bespoke manufacturer can out-wit the super brands on road and track.

The McLaren P1 will be on display at Messums Wiltshire from 18 – 22 May.

Mark_Roberts McLaren P1

Mark Roberts

Starting his design career at Lotus, Mark joined McLaren in 1990 and was one of the founder members of the Design Team of the legendary McLaren F1. Today Mark is Design Operations Manager, combining his skills as a draftsman and designer with his expert understanding the complexities of design, development and production.


Tickets for Mark’s talk are limited. Please book yours early.


The best-looking cars are the ones with real substance as well as style. The McLaren P1™ is a stunning piece of automotive design, but you won’t find any needless ornaments or frivolous styling features on it. Every surface has been designed to work, every part given the same aerodynamic consideration as if it was part of an aircraft or a Formula 1™ car.

The bodywork is ‘shrink-wrapped’ as tightly as possible over the mechanical hard points of the car and the cockpit sits right at the centre. This approach helps to reduce frontal surface area, but also makes it easier to manage airflow over the surface of the bodywork and into the engine’s roof snorkel intake and to the active aero components. It looks awesome, and it works very efficiently.